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How to install a Foley catheter

I just finished reading two of your books on Kindle. The one where you talk about catheters doesn't explain how to put in a Foley. Is installation different or more tricky than for a non-Foley? Does SpeediCath sell a good Foley?

My pee blocked, had to go to ER for a Foley. Had it in for one week, took it out and found out I still cannot pee, so raced back to ER again. This was before I discovered your books! Now I am instituting a number of your suggestions, diet, supplements, etc., and hope to try and take out the Foley in another week or two and hope things have a least turned around to the degree I can urinate without the catheter. I understand healing my prostate will take much longer though. But in the event I still can't pee I'm thinking I should get another Foley to have just in case. Until I read your book I didn't even know it was possible I could install a catheter myself. Lot cheaper than returning to ER! I don't have medical insurance... I'm 68, and other than this nasty situation I'm in good shape, hike, swim, surf. The urologist put me on drugs but I quickly dumped them and am doing just supplements now. Scary, friends think I'm crazy if I don't tow the establishment line and follow what the MDs tell me to do!


Ron here:

Foley catheters require the ability to pump up the balloon end so it stays inside the bladder. I don't describe how to do that as it is more complex and should be under medical supervision. But it is not something I have done... I have only removed them... just reverse the procedure.
The only addition is the pumping.

Your local pharmacy may have the foley catheter and the syringe that does the pumping. I doubt there is a speedicath for that purpose but see what you can find. You could just use some xylocaine as I have mentioned in my books.

Learning to personally test all your food, supplements and other inputs are essential to find those that trigger a prostate blockage. The other hidden danger is EMFs like in wifi and cell phones. Minimize those too as some people are highly sensitive.

At some point it is best not to wear a foley for too long. If you have no ability to urinate even a bit after it is out, you have a challenging condition. At least if it is only occasionally that you block that is manageable as you reduce your irritants.

Otherwise what is worse? Living with a catheter or risking the side effects of a TURP operation. Only you can decide.

I had a friend like you and he chose the operation and was able to resume living without the catheter. It all depends on the skill of the surgeon. You can tell this to some degree by how he examines you and by researching him.

If you can get to the point where you block only now and then, you may be able to slowly heal and avoid an operation.

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Aug 02, 2014
Working the Prostate NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm your age, with an enlarged prostate (since 1985)... If you have a spouse, or significant other... Look up, via your browser: "Just Whose Prostate Is It" and "Hey Guys Look Its The Prostate". One is on this site, and see if Working the Prostate doesn't help... if it is painful... stop. But if your prostate isn't in danger, and just enlarged, then you might just find an answer, to your urinary discrepancy. The prostate swells, blocking the urethra and makes urination difficult at best. An internal prostate massage, might help both your urinary problems and boost some sensual feelings as well... as that is the side effect of such a massage. Health first... pleasure as a side effect... what's better than that.

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