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How effective is Prostate exercises

by Bonner Martin

Hi, I am 76. At age 25 I was in hospital with an inflamed prostate gland. The doctor who treated me was an Indian doctor from India, who told me to do the prostate gland exercises for the rest of my life. so for nearly 52 years I have done each day the exercises he taught me. They are;
(1) pull the pelvic floor up and hold for 10 sec X 20
(2) roll the pelvic floor in a forward direction x 20
(3) roll the pelvic floor in a backward direction x 20
(4) roll the pelvic floor sideways in a clockwise direction x 20
(5) roll the pelvic floor sideways in an anticlockwise direction x 20

Repeat 4 times a day.

In addition to this I have learnt to roll the prostate gland in a figure of eight movement.

So far I have been without major problem. But do have to get up once each night for a toilet stop.

I had a major stroke 5 years ago down the RHS, and I lost the ability to work my lower pelvic floor muscles. I also became inept with the stroke. It took over 4 years before I got control of my lower pelvic floor muscles again. I do the about exercises today 4 times a day

I can lay on my stomach on the ground and push the pelvic floor forward so forcefully that I can feel the weight on my hips where they press on the ground, reduce.

It is very hard to find anything on prostate exercises on the web


Bonner Martin
New Zealand

Ron here...

Sure looks to me like the prostate exercises have been very helpful to you over the years. Getting up once a night at your age is quite good since many men will be up more often than that.

Would be great if you could describe exactly how you do some of those exercises because it is not clear from your descriptions how they are done. Other readers may like to see them.

One well-known practitioner of Taoist prostate methods suggests doing 300 squeezes (prostate exercises or kegel exercises) per day for good prostate health.

Any muscle that is exercised will get stronger with use.

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Dec 20, 2015
My Prostate exercises
by: Bonner Martin

You ask me to describe how I do them.

The basic exercise is pulling the pelvic floor muscles up and holding them and I believe that most men understand that, as it is what stops water flow when you want to interrupt urine passing. The forward and backward rolls, and side ways rolls, are an extension of that. Once you have pulled the muscles up and while holing it up you then push the muscles in the direction you want to go. Say for forward roll. Once you have pulled the pelvic floor up, and while holding it up, you push the pelvic floor forward as far as you can and then, while holding it forward, you lower it down as hard as you can. Carry on as described above to complete the forward roll but the reverse for the back side of the circle. Backward roll and side rolls are variations of the above. figure-of-eight rolls are just adding another two steps to a forward or backward roll. I have not mastered a figure-of-eight side roll yet the stroke 2010 put pay to that. Perhaps I will master it before my numbers is called.

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