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High PSA & PBH

by Al

I went for a physical for the 1st time in 10 years, (shame on me) Am 75 years of age & the only negative to come back after the blood work was a very high PSA of 13.3.

Was 2.9 back in 2004. UR doc did a urine sample test and was no blood present like I had weeks back from the internist doc. Had +2 & +3. At any rate when the urine ultrasound was placed over the belly the doc said I had approx 25 oz still in the bladder. He said something is going on(obviously).

Bottom line I am scheduled for a renal imaging on the 22nd of July & the infamous CYSTOSCOPY & RECTAL ULTRASOUND for 8/1/14. Should I have that procedure done at my age of 75?

Am unfortunately leaking during the night as I sleep causing havoc with my wife. I am very very anxious with a whole lot of anxiety just thinking & reading about this yucky procedure. Please advise. I thank you. SCARED ONE AY 75!!!!!!!!!!


Ron here...

I am not able to give medical advice Al.

But it is worth finding out what is going on so you can then know what you are dealing with and can then assess your options.

Retaining 25oz or 3 cups in the bladder after voiding is a potential problem that you want to know more about.

The high PSA reading could be caused by that alone or other things. Read up on what I say about a biopsy if your doctor wants to do that. You can find more on the site or my book Healthy Prostate.

Th 2 tests he wants to do are not that bad at all and don't take long. So the best thing you can do is to relax. Stress is not useful for you. Listen to a guided meditation CD that will help you get over your fear and worries.

It will be far better to know what is going on. With that info you can then see what is next. In the meantime I would follow my diet advice so your diet is helping you not hindering you or contributing to your condition.

Hope this helps.

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