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Help I can't sit

by Jeff

Hi Ron. I purchased 2 of your books. They are packed with good information. I am just on information overload right now. I was diagnosed with prostatitis and BPH 2 months ago. My most difficult symptoms are frequent urination, difficulty urinating at night and it is very painful to sit. I have been changing my diet and exercising. Do you have any suggestions that might help with these symptoms. This has been unbearable. Also, I have considered trying a supplement but I am very confused. I have read your support for Prost P10x and you also say in your book simple is best. I appreciate any suggestions you might have.


Ron here...

You must learn to test for your input sensitivities by using a pendulum as I show on this page on Personal Testing.

That will help to minimize some of your reactions.

But what I am learning lately is that in more severe cases of prostate problems, diet and supplements can only go so far.

It's expensive but the 3D Prostate Clinic is the only clinic that goes to the source of the problem: the infections and calcifications deep inside the prostate gland. The targeted injections are what actually change the source causes.

See if personal testing will start to give you some relief. Any supplement, food, water type, bodycare product needs to be tested for bio-compatibility. Make no assumptions about the health profile of anything. No matter how good it sounds on paper it can be very harmful to you. If you find your culprits then your symptoms can be less severe.

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Sep 22, 2017
Can't sit
by: Jim

I have found using Metamucil helps you definitely don't want any constipation at all also curcumin with MariVa will help with inflammation if you have any you will be able to tell soon mild stool softeners also can help everything is very close together down there you'll be surprised what adding a lot of fiber can do so eat healthy and eat less meat lots of fruits and vegetables can't hurt to try that's just my personal experience and it's working for me I am cutting down on my daily Cialis it was the only prostate drug that would help me none of the other ones worked it's all about trial and error keep your stomach Clean and it will definitely help you'll have less toxins

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