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Hard node on prostate

by Jeff Harper
(Bend oregon)

Hi I have been having issues with my prostate and have been dealing with this for a year. I had the typical burning had to go pee waking up to pee at night a lot. Now that has pretty much gone away and about a month ago it felt like I have a marble up my butt.

I am scared to death of doctors so yesterday I did a self examination felt a hard rough nodule on my prostrate.

I take enzymes, endosterol, saw pametto I have not done the fast but I am worried if I go to the doctor they will want to do a byopsy and cut me up. My original symptoms have got so much better and now this.

Have you heard of the hard nodule dissolving away? It hurts a little but sometimes not at all.Thank you so much I just don't know what I should do.


Ron here...

I am not a doctor and so do not know what the nodule could be. A urologist could do a digital rectal exam and be able to at least give you info about that.

As you say he may want to do a biopsy but you can decline.

So let us for a minute assume it is non-malignant nodule and thus not a risk of spreading. You could decide to have it removed perhaps by laser or if it doesn't bother you then live with it and perhaps it could go away with time.

If it is cancerous then you have a key decision to make. The stats show that in 90% of cases doing nothing medically is no riskier than doing surgery in terms of life expectancy. But you may maintain a higher quality of life.

If it were me, I would reduce my stress levels, improve my diet to the best possible and thus allow my body to heal.

It is a choice that is not for everyone as it takes time, you may have to go against the advice of your doctor and well wishers.

Only you can decide. I would study as much as possible about alternative healing, and improving my diet and see if that resonates for you.

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