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Get aroused and not ejaculate - is that a problem?

by Josip


I am near 50 and my sex life is very intensive - I am happily married and over last 25 years my wife has been my only partner. Until the last 4 months we had intercourse on average each day, sometimes twice. And besides that, sometimes I also masturbated. But, seven months ago I started to suffer from various disturbances (light-headiness, dizziness) and even completely stop sleeping. I couldn't sleep without pills and didn't feel well.

My doctor prescribed me some medicine for relaxing since I became very anxious and tense due to this conditions that seemed very serious to me. So I started searching through the web and found some papers and articles on effects caused by too much ejaculations in particular. I was completely astonished when I found out that I had the great majority of those symptoms out of which is inability to get asleep the most obvious. That was four months ago - we tried to reduce our intercourse at two to three per week and results are unbelievable - my energy came back, I returned to the soccer and my overall conditions is well.

BUT, as we (my wife and I) are very attracted to each other, in the days when I am 'not permitted' to ejaculate we still keep playing and I got more or less excited. Finally, my question is - should we keep totally from excitement these days (but it seems like we are machines!)because that possibly harms my prostate (all this years it was 'below' expected size for my age, completely normal) - my physical from the last month showed a little prostate enlargement, so I decided to ask for an advice.

Thank you very much in advice.


Ron here,

As with anything, balance is a worthy goal. Sex is good but excessive amount may not be the best as you have seen.

Your solution would be to learn how to injaculate not ejaculate... that means you can still enjoy sex often but only sometimes do you allow actual ejaculation. The other times you master your energy and have the feeling of ejaculation but that energy is contained and moved upwards in your body with no ejaculation of semen.

These are advanced sexual practices known in the East for a long time. Alex Allman is a friend who teaches this and much more:

Also it is time to learn all you can about your health and daily food choices to protect your prostate. See my books on this subject.

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