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Frequency of prostate symptoms

by Eric

I went to my doctor last week, due to a persistent amount over a five-day period of 'going'-just pressure in the bladder, and accompanying frequent need to go. No pain, burning, or other symptoms. I had a 'pee test' done, and from what I was told, at least, that's what HE diagnosed, I had what from his description was a very mild case of prostatitis. Been there, done that before with him.

I'll forego the rest of the reasons I went to see him related to my frequency/pressure, but,and this was one of those 'quickie' sessions, where I had come in without apppointment, tried to ask him why, the previous day, my pressure abated quite a lot-only to flare up the next morning. I didn't get a decent answer....I mean, if I had an infection, albeit small, why would it come and go. This isn't where MY mind has been going about this of late. It's frustrating, and unnerving, to go to a pcp and come back still feeling in the dark....So, WHY would I have pressure overnight, relieve it, then, it comes back? I have been better for a few days, now, it's back again, or feels like it. I mowed grass yesterday, and got dehydrated, I wonder about that, and should have drank more water, but, I still feel like that may not be it.....


Ron here:

Prostate pain and symptoms come and go. Many foods can cause a reaction. Dehydration is never good for the body too. It is possible you still have some infection too or it could be triggered by a reaction to something you eat.

I go into great length about what to do in my book, Healthy Prostate... how to improve your diet, how to cleanse and much more in depth than here on the site. Check it out.

Best in health,


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