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Food testing - how you do manage when you are eating out?

Hi Ron

I have just finished your book which is very inspiring and I am beginning to implement changes to my diet.

Food testing sounds spot on and makes perfect sense. I can envisage being able to implement this at home but how do you deal with this when you go out to eat?

Many thanks for your help, David

Hi David, Ron here.

Well the most important thing is to choose a restaurant that uses quality ingredients to begin with. If you don't and end up somewhere that uses conventional foods then you are at a disadvantage to start. Then it is finding the lesser of the evils!

That said you should have some ideas from your testing at home which foods are OK for you to eat. Then if on the menu, choose those.

I avoid salad dressings unless you know what oil is used. I avoid most grain products. If they have lamb and you eat meat that may be the least risky choice. Baked potato may be OK but could be nuked as many conventional ones are but while not ideal you may be able to tolerate that. I order butter for them not margarine.

If you have a prostate condition then eating out may be challenging.

If a menu has pictures of the food then you can use the picture to test for yes or no. That can be a big help.

Other tip... eat something before you go out to eat so you are not starving and end up making poor decisions.

Today more high end restaurants source local and sometimes grass fed beef and pastured chickens. Assuming those are known yes foods for you then you can be fine.

I just got back from the Big Island of Hawaii and grass fed beef is in many restaurants and supermarkets there! I was surprised. But one of the largest ranches in the U.S. is there and all its beef is only eating local grass in "cowboy country" there!

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