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Foley Internal Catheter Slipping Out

by Claude Armstrong
(Lakewood, Washington)

Ron, anyone experience their Foley beginning to slip out? I worked my compost pile yesterday and last night noticed the Foley hanging out my penis some 2+ inches more than before. Even when it was erect the tube extended the same amount more(Erections come every evening when I'm relaxed and usually after I eat and am lying down).

It pushes back easily to fully inserted, and there is only a slight sensation, not any pain.

Is the bulb slipping through the prostate?

On my prostate, since making flax meal mornings and evenings, there is no sign of any pain, but with gentle massage in my rectum there is a degree of sensitivity that threatens pain if I move the massager too fast or too much pressure too fast. In a hot shower my prostate area feels wonderful after the massage.

Also, for a day after the doctor jammed his finger up my butt to check the prostate there was a dark reddish tint to my urine with numerous blood clots. No pain, and that night it cleared to a medium yellow.

Appreciate you, Ron!

P.S. The M.D. was very unhappy I refused his demanded biopsy for cancer that he tried to scare me with the possibility my prostate would have! He especially took offense to my sticking to a natural nutrition diet. But, it seems he is my only source of actual prostate function diagnosis to monitor when my urine system with function on its own. Neither the hospital I was taken to for emergency urine treatment - they just placed the Foley and gave me the Urologist appointment, no questions - nor the naturopath I went to have any interest to determine if-when my urine system is working again.

Is this just trial and error, with temporary catheters for use when the system is still mending itself?

The M.D. gave me two temp catheters when i told him I was following experienced prostate guidance with others. I'm to go back to him next month. For now I want to leave the Foley in for another two weeks, just to relieve my system while it heals with the nutrients I added to my diet. I'm taking ProstaPhase as the main prostate nutrient source, with Cod Liver Oil to help prevent clotting and flax seed meal to balance out the massive amount of omega 6 from the sunflower oil after I changed from olive oil. Wish I could reach my hand far enough between my legs to feel my prostate with the tip of my finger! Only the nail side contacts my prostate from behind.


Ron here...

Claude, I am not a doctor so please understand that.

It could be that the Foley catheter was not pumped up enough or is loosing some of its balloon function. You could try with a syringe used for that purpose to add some more air to it.

Be careful about the amount of flax oil you use. It can turn from being helpful to not from one day to the next. Flax seeds contain anti-nutrients like phytic acid so it can build up to having a negative reaction over time... so even good things can become its opposite with time.

You need to personal test all your inputs to ensure they are all good for you. Make no assumptions.

Be very gentle with prostate massage. You can feel from the front not the back if you want. Just lean back up on your bed with knees up middle finger facing forward and it will reach the prostate area.

The red discharge of clots is most likely from the catheters entering the bladder area.

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