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Finasteride options?

by Robert
(Cambria, CA USA)

I have been taking Finasteride for the past year and a half.

Initially my PSA scores went down but over the past year the have gone from 3.2 in 2015, to 1.98 on Finasteride in 2016 to 2.27 last summer to 3.7 in March of this year. My urologist wants me to have a biopsy which I am not going to do. I also decided to stop the Finasteride. Where do I go from here?

Ron here...

Wise to refuse the biopsy that can only make your prostate much worse.

What to do depends on your symptoms:

First I would optimize my diet and stop all non-foods and highly manufactured unnatural foods. Read more on this site or in my books on this crucial aspect.

Learn to personally test all your inputs to ensure your bio-compatibility. Make no assumptions about the safety and goodness of any recommended item. Do this for all foods, supplements and bodycare and household items and your water. There are just too many toxins all around us and in our every-day products.

Create the conditions that will minimize hosting prostate cancer which seems quite low given your PSA tests.

There are other options to that test that you can find at which is a good resource for all things conventional. I do disagree with some of the finer points of their diet recommendations but overall they recommend real food. They do not like saturated fat but that myth of its harm has been rebuked for quite some time. As for dairy, raw milk is another planet compared to pasteurized dairy. If you can find raw milk make it into yogurt and you will see its many benefits.

If your BPH symptoms seems too bothersome then the best treatment I can recommend that actually cures BPH is the 3D Prostate Clinic in China that I have talked about on this site.

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