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deciding on biopsy after my mri image showed something

by John
(Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA)

first had sudden urinary prob 8 mnths ago. AFTER mri showed differentiation of cells in area towards bladder but no sign of stone, just a void area in prostate dent in from urethra next to different color area. young student PA/nurse pushed tamsulosin but resisted 2 weeks then started and a week in I passed a stone did not collect just witnessed teaspoon blood then white large pea sized ball sink in after, then peed like a race horse WOOHOO! PA nurse mad that I didn't collect and now so am i.. then 4 days later as I quit taking tamsulosin, began having hesitation and bit of urgency. i surmised bladder retraining but till I got eletter from you thank u so much! did not have info i wanted.. had uro infection in that time period from test catheterization, cleared after antibiotic run, took probiotics after course done.. and probs seems to be lessining so got new PSA .now PSA 1.48. was 1.09 7 mnths ago.I have become vegan re fuhrman. I do not want prostate biopsy needles in me, 6 yrs ago nothing found in biopsy. I have waited 4 months for university uro bio but am mostly symptom free 1 up every other night.. plan to resched and wait another 2 mnths and try for second opinion + dre if i can find a doc who will do it. I understand risk but feel another blood test with more details would be helpful, Problem is docs on insurance pool list always shoot for the 1 expensive test vs simple blood test..
Question is= exactly what blood / urine tests should I be pushing for???


Ron here...

Please read up on this site what I say about tests and what doctors will want to do... which is to end up with a biopsy to see if you have cancer. Then if you do they will most likely do watchful waiting or medical treatments.

Please review what I say on the site and in my books. Time for you to get more knowledgeable about your choices. Read also about diet as a vegan diet has risks unless it is for a short time period as a cleansing diet. It is not a nourishing diet.

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