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Chronic Inflamed Prostate

by Thomas

First off will give you some history. Thanks Doctor!

I have been to a doctor, been tested twice with no sign of infection or cancer, I been told I had trauma to the prostate, this issue began about 2 1/2 years ago, most likely from mountain biking on a cheap bike, which I wish I could go back in time, and never seen that bike!

Anyways it has been a long journey trying to lessen the effects of that trauma. I first stopped riding that bike, then stopped abdominal crunches at the gym, then a few months later stopped going to gym , it has been 6 months since I have gone to gym to work out.

I stopped drinking coffee a couple months ago, I do walk daily for about an hour, have regular sex. Drink water. My burning throbbing pain has lessened, now only uses ibuprofen once a week figure I deserve once a week.

But this is My question, When I have issues where I need ibuprofen, I get the burning, throbbing pain, plus lower back spasms/pain. I decided to add muscle relaxer as well, it seems to help, hard to tell. Soaking in a hot tub helps.

I am an optimistic person by nature, hoping some day these uncomfortable sensations may have an end.

Is there anything else I may get help on this?


Hi Thomas,

I am not a doctor, but my advice is to optimize your diet the way I describe in my books. Many foods can be an irritant, so I would ensure that you learn what I describe as personal testing to know for sure what is OK for you to eat.

The prostate is highly vulnerable to our inputs, so this is the starting point. External prostate massage done very gently may help as well. If it does then extremely gentle internal prostate massage may be useful.

Prostate massage increases blood flow to the prostate helping to remove toxins etc.

Hope this helps!

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