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China treatments for BPH

by Maxwell
(WA, Australia)

All these websites proliferating and originating from China, and selling treatment methods, herbal supplements and equipment - are they for real? Look more and more like scams.

But with the hope of a cure, many of us might give them a try, and could easily get burnt!

They charge thousands of dollars, some even tens of thousands, and only deal on the internet. When you offer to go and visit them they quickly say NO!

If they are scams the authorities should shut them down fast!

If they are for real they shouldn't charge so much!

What do you think?


Ron Here:

I can't comment on any of the specifics you mention except to say what I write about in my book and this website. I don't believe there is any quick fix or magic bullet that works without side effects.

My whole point of view on BPH is first to understand the causes and then to make changes to your diet and lifestyle including exercise and prostate exercise and massage.

Learning to personally test which foods and BPH supplements are compatible with your body and condition is also very important so you eliminate irritants.

Our modern diets with all the toxins and additives take a huge toll on our bodies over time. And it will take time and effort to eliminate those inputs.

No magic bullet is there. If you believe so then I think you will be disappointed after you go that route. I wish there were a fast route to take but I know of none.

The advantage of a diet and lifestyle change is that you are finally allowing your body to heal, to renew yourself for a healthy second stage of your life. To me that is a blessing worth working towards.

Best in health to you!


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