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Can the insertion of a catheter cause prostate enlargement?

by John

Hello Ron,
I see you got your BCom from McGill. I also studied there at one point.
I have had an irritated prostate for many years. My family doctor had been giving me finger checks for a quite a few years now, and he always told me my prostate was slightly enlarged.

In December 2015, I had a hernia surgery done. Apparently I had some kind of drug reaction, because I have very little recollection of what happened to me for 5-6 hours after my surgery. I was later told that I was causing problems for hospital staff. They essentially restrained me, and at some point a nurse shoved a catheter into me. I recall coming out of the fog at that point, and yelling, as it really hurt. The nurse said, "It's almost done, one more push", and it hurt again.

Close to 3 months later, my prostate seems to be causing me a lot more problems now. I went for another finger check recently, and was told my prostate is really enlarged now. For a long time I got up most nights just once to urinate. Now, it is often 2-3 times, or even more often. And even during the day, it feels like it is not flowing easing when I urinate.

What I would like to know is whether an improperly or roughly inserted catheter could have really aggravated my prostate. Is this even possible?

Thanks in advance,


Hi John,

No fun.

Yes anything forcefully pushed into your prostate could affect it.

One of the reasons I wrote my book on catheter insertions is so that it could be done with the least impact. Even nurses could learn from the techniques.

So now what?

The problem with frequent urination is an enlarged and irritated prostate.

Try good diet, lots of walking exercise and perhaps a prostate supplement to see if these help. I write about this on my site and in my books.

I may also have some news soon about a very promising cure for prostate problems... make sure you are on my newsletter list for that.

Comments for Can the insertion of a catheter cause prostate enlargement?

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May 04, 2018
by: Anonymous

I'm 65 years old and from about 9 or 10 years ago I had a rough catheter inserted in me that was really painful by a stupid VA bimbo nurse. From that very day on my prostate has cause me the same exact problems John spoke about.

You may have an infection inside your prostate.

Write the 3D Clinic to see whatthey say.

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