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Biopsy or no?

by Howard


About a year ago I had to get up three nights in a row to pee. This never happened before. I did actually drink about six bottles of Snapple iced tea during those three days, but I don't know if that had anything to do with it. I was also having weird dreams those three nights, maybe due to being awoken, I don't know.

I thought I should address this and went to my family doctor and had a check up and blood test, etc. The PSA came back at 152.7! An infection was suspected so I was put on an antibiotic, I think it was Bactrim. I was also put on Tamsulosin, and Rosuvostatin, as my ldl cholesterol was high too. I was referred to a urologist and have been seeing him since then.

Over the following weeks and months I was tested again for PSA. It went down repeatedly from 152.7 to 22 to 5.8. My blood test from April 2018 showed a PSA of just .7 My doctor and I both thought that was great and that I may be back to "normal". I was asked to return in six months. Today was my appointment. Btw, I feel fine and have no symptoms. I have been sleeping through the night since shortly after my second urologist visit, and I stopped taking the Tamsulosin many months ago. My PSA level, which I was asked to have checked prior to today's appointment, done on 10/26/18 was back up to 4.7 When seeing my doctor today and going over the PSA results, he was about to say to go another six weeks and get another test. I think I mentioned something about a biopsy, however, and he then said that he thinks I should get one. I think he was checking to see if I would be willing to do that, and that's why he was leaning towards waiting. So, I agreed to the biopsy and will be called to schedule. Now though, I'm reading all these things online and I came to this website to find that a biopsy may not be the best course. Do you think I should hold off and have another PSA test in six weeks, like he was about to suggest, or should I have a biopsy? Oh, and I'm 55 now.

Thank you for your time and opinion.



Ron here...

Biopsies have real risks of spreading infection or even cancer.

If a DRE was normal, then I would wait and see. PSA can rise for many reasons nothing to do with cancer. And if you have cancer, in most cases waiting is the best course.

If it were me it is time to ensure that you make healthy lifestyle changes by optimizing your diet. Read more about that on this site or get one of my books.

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