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by robert

Hi Ron

Curious to know how your 3d treatment is going now after a few months of having it. I have just completed a PAE in Brisbane Australia.


Hi Robert,

I have been back for a month now after my second round... remember the huge size of my prostate at 12 times normal!

Unlike a quick fix of conventional treatments, the results can take some time and there is a normal healing recovery process of 3-6 months.

But apart from my medical report that you can read on the site which documents the shrinkage and progress, here are my observations:

1. I have not had to use a catheter for prostate blockage since February when I first went there... that's 10 months and a huge change

2. my hyper-sensitivity to foods that could cause a prostate attack and thus a blockage resulting in catheter use has been drastically reduced. Many many foods including from my own garden did this in the past.

Now I can eat anything it seems except my prior worse offenders like kale which is fine in moderation but not in excess. Restaurant food OK (where before was a huge risk); frozen factory food OK ( I was at a party last night with deep fried prawns and spanakopita... all OK!). This is a huge change for me after so many years of food troubles.

Herbs and supplements I have to choose very carefully because they can be quite powerful in their negative effects. So I personally test then before taking... I find I am able to have a bit more than before without reactions, but still 95% are No's for me.

3. I have not yet discharged enough particles from the shrinkage of my prostate. The doctor thinks it may be because of the winter climate and cold here which can cause some contraction in the prostate (Chinese insights!). The result is I still have some symptoms of frequency and urgency which should diminish during this 3-6 month healing process, and the coming of spring.

4. I wake 2-3 times per night. But this is less than before and would be better except I find myself drinking after 8pm and sometimes 9pm... not a good habit!

5. 3D is not a magical quick fix. But a process that certainly has been a life-changer for me.

Hope you have good results from your PAE.

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