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3D clinic

by Neil


Thank you for your responses to my many questions. So, as I have been exploring the possibility of going to the 3D clinic in China, I have seen alot of very negative reporting about it. This includes posts on a number of forums stating that Dr. Song has inflicted damage on alot of people, or at least has provided minimal benefit for a large amount of money. I am also aware that Dr. Song's clinic says that these negative posts are due to another doctor that is trying to discredit him out of resentment, competition, and jealousy. However, additionally, I have had communications with a Westerner who lives in China and who practices Traditional Chinese medicine and specializes in Andrology, also saying that Dr. Song is a con artist. it's very difficult to know who to believe.

You have mentioned that your's is a very unusual and complicated case so that for you to have ongoing relief is not so simple. Or might that just be Dr. Song covering for himself and an actual inability to get the results that he touts? Do you know of, or have you had contact with others, native English speakers, particularly from the US or Canada, who are actually in the 95% group that 3D claims to get such excellent results for? I would very much like to communicate directly with some of these people to verify results that I would personally love to have, but perhaps sound a bit "too good to be true."

Thank you.


Ron here...

The PSA procedure I had before in Portugal by the founder of it blocks blood flow to the prostate by depositing tiny beads in the arteries bringing blood to the prostate.

I was desperate for a solution then, and did not know about the 3D treatment. So I did it.

Knowing what I know now I would not have done it because normal blood flow is needed to flush the prostate.

That blood flow is especially needed for Dr. Song's 3D treatment to work properly.


Because his treatment both destroys the infections and breaks up the BPH causing the enlargement. In both cases you need all the flushing you can get to remove the debris over time.

Because my blood flow has been so restricted I am only very slowly making progress. I am not a typical patient at all.

If you read my medical report you will see that there has been very real progress. But still not enough. So I will go back for further short-term treatments to hopefully remove more particles.

I would recommend that you write the clinic and ask for as many references that you can contact to help make your decision. The noise out there is due to the explanations you site.

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Mar 05, 2018
Thank you for your response.
by: Neil

Ron, Thank you for your response. I will contact the 3D clinic for references.

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