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25yr+ enlarged prostate. Just bought the Sonic Prostate Massager

Hi Ron,
In the Sonic Massager Manual, they say 'there have been instances where vigorous massage has caused more harm then good'. What might be the cause of that?
I have very weak flow at night, but do not necessarily have an issue with frequency. Emptying is an issue and sometimes weaker flow during the day as well.
I've never had it checked out...but it's about time I
I'm into alternative medicines and holistic treatments so I'm diving into your website to absorb the info.
What might be the most important test I could get (blood or otherwise) so as to evaluate my condition.
Funds are somewhat restrictive and I have no health insurance at this time, because I take care of myself with other 'out of the box' ways.
Amp Coil, Anodyne Infrared, coffee enemas (just started, have done 14 in last 18days), and eat well with the guidance of an incredible gut practitioner whom I get colonics from as well as O3 treatments. (I'm to understand you can get O3 injected into the prostate as well)??
Is there a particular test that would give me a compass as to what I'm dealing with (non-cancerous)...possibly re-assuring me that I can treat this holistically first.


Ron here...

If there is serious infection in the prostate or cancer vigorous massage could be harmful.

Gentle is best.

Having a DRE by a good doctor can tell you the condition of your prostate, and a PSA blood test can be useful to watch over time.

You can also do this shiatsu method:

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