The location of the prostate is crucial to understand the key role the prostate plays in reproduction and men's health

The location of the prostate in males is simple. It sits just below the bladder behind your pubic bone. It provides the channel for urine to escape from the bladder right through the prostate and, at the same, time plays a big part in the male reproductive system. Why?

The prostate location is there for a reason... it connects to the testicles and thus allows sperm to travel out of the testes through the two tubes called the Vas Deferens.


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To exit the tubes, sperm has to enter and pass through the back of the prostate gland. The sperm picks up more fluids there for protection on the journey out the penis.

The location of the prostate serves an additional function. Attached to the prostate are the prostate erection nerves. These are the trigger points to "get it up" when stimulation from the brain is transmitted through the nerves. Lo and behold you get an erection!

If the location of these nerves was not exactly there, then no erection could happen and our species would have died out ages ago.

There are many prostate gland functions which you can read about in other sections (click here or here for more), but these two are essential for men to play their part in reproduction.

The prostate location also enables men to access the so-called male G-spot. Because it can be reached indirectly by pressing on the perineum area (between the base of the penis and anus), one can with practice control or stop ejaculations. Masters of the technique can even prolong male orgasm this way.

We will have more to say about male G-spot stimulation later. It can be accessed through the anus just as in a digital rectal examination. Of course, if it is done with overt sexual stimulation and relaxed and expert entry, then it can be a highly pleasurable prostate massage known as prostate milking. More later...

The prostate also removes toxins from the semen and sperm. This makes it crucial for men's health. Toxins can cause many of the prostate problems symptoms that now plague the modern western man.

The toxins can cause prostate cancer or enlarged prostate symptoms that can swell the prostate and restrict or stop the flow of urine out the urethra tube. Yikes! No fun.

You can read more on this site about the causes of prostate diseases by clicking on any of the links below. Or, for the whole 320 plus, you can read my book, Healthy Prostate.

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