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recovery from catheterization

by Carl Watner
(Inman SC USA)

I asked this a month or so ago, and so far as I know got no answers. If you reach the point you need to use a catheter to empty the bladder and urinate, what happens afterwards?

The catheter obviously allows the bladder to empty itself, but how does the catherization allow the resumption of normal urine flow?

In other words, why (or how) does the one-time catherization allow the urinary system to return to its normal condition? Why isn't continual re-catherization necessary?


Ron here...

It all depends on your condition.

In some cases longer term intermittent catheterization is necessary. In some cases that may not be practical or not enough a long term catheterization with a more permanent Foley catheter is required.

For some men a prostate attack can be triggered by a medication, a food or supplement and once that is stopped and after intermittent catheterization, it may be possible to manage your condition without repeating... but it is a wake-up call that something is not right.

So you may be able to return to your pre-attack condition, but that is not a normal condition of easy urination.

Time to figure out the causes and make as many changes as you can to your lifestyle, and get thoroughly checked out by your doctor, but I don't recommend a biopsy.

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