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Prostate Magic Bullets
January 12, 2013

Prostate Magic Bullets


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So let's get to it...

I Wish It Were That Easy!

We all hope that we can cure what ails us quickly and easily. Doctors have created the illusion that all you have to do is swallow a prescription medication and lo and behold you are miraculously cured!

Sure would be nice but that happens very rarely.

In the case of the prostate, the drugs for an enlarged prostate easily can do more harm than benefit. Yes you may get some easing of your symptoms but the side effects can be real serious.

Increase Your Chance of Prostate Cancer!

This is a serious risk of some of the drugs (amongst many others)!

Read this page on my site if you haven't already:
Enlarged Prostate Medications

Other side effects:
• diminished libido and sexual dysfunction even after stopping the drug
• anxiety and depression
• reduced ejaculatory volume

Herbal Prostate Supplements

These are far safer to take but despite the smiling faces in the ads promising instant nirvana from your prostate symptoms, these supplements take quite a while to work.

Furthermore some of the ingredients in the mixtures may not be beneficial to all men and you could start having negative reactions to them. I talk a lot about this in my book (now available for a special discounted price on my site).

The only way to truly know whether any drug or supplement is beneficial to you is to personally test the product using one of the many methods I teach you in the book.

If you suffer from an extreme prostate condition, then this is an essential skill to have in my opinion.

Personal testing has saved me many times from triggers that caused me to shut down completely, thus requiring using a catheter.

So with that said just choose the highest quality supplement you can find and test it often while using to ensure that it is still useful to you. Remember time changes the results as your body adapts

Healing Takes Time

The reality is that it takes a commitment of time and effort to heal your prostate. There just aren't any magic bullets and quick fixes.

It takes making your health and healing one of your primary goals in life. The benefits are huge as you finally remove years of abuse to your body by cleansing (see my book), optimizing your diet, learning how to test for what foods and supplements are best for you and what to avoid.

This way you give your body a chance to renew.

I turn 65 on January 30th. My health has never been better and in fact my vitality level astounds me! I credit it to my efforts to improve my health. I feel so grateful to the process that has allowed me to improve so much.

You too can do it! You gain your sexual health, your physical health and your prostate gets better and better. For me natural prostate health and healing is the the way to go. No magic bullets just the welcome change to a much healthier me. Join me and do it too!

Your Tongue: Insights to your health

During my healing journey, I used my tongue for feedback for how I was doing.

The tongue is the gateway to your whole digestive system and reflects back to you every morning after digestion of the prior day's food how you are doing.

I had many problems on my tongue: • painful cracks • blotches of discoloration • sore pimples on the tip and sides • thick white coatings

As my diet improved and once I learned to avoid trigger foods and supps through personal testing, my tongue reflected back to me how I was doing.

It took a while to figure out what to do, but I started to get results both on my tongue and in my prostate.

Now most mornings my tongue is nice and pink. I use a tongue scraper to remove coatings which a toothbrush just cannot do. Tongue scraping has been done for centuries and is a simple practice to adopt.

Go to Amazon for inexpensive units or your pharmacy may have them. I use the ones shown here:

Tongue Cleaners - Scrapers

Your digestive system is the key to your health. Proper diet, digestive enzymes, fermented foods like yogurt and sauerkraut are essential for proper gut health. Doing the liver cleanse will heap immensely by making your liver able to release enough bile for digestion.

This week I stumbled across a new book that goes into a great explanation of your tongue and its relation to your health.

Take a look at some of the conditions that can affect our tongues and what to do about them:

Click Here!

You will be amazed!

Get healthy. Make the effort. Your health is in your hands not your doctor's!

That's it for now. I hope that your prostate health is constantly improving. If you have any questions, just drop me a line.

All the best to you,


Ron Bazar
Author of Healthy Prostate and

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