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Help For Your Prostate
February 18, 2018

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Dear Subscriber,

Before I had prostate troubles I was a serial entrepreneur involved in many different businesses over the decades.

My love of new innovative consumer products has always intrigued me.

And so I want to share with you my latest interest that has grabbed more than my attention over the past while: The American Bidet by So-Kleen Innovations Inc.

The American Bidet

I always seemed to chafe and feel uncomfortable during the day no matter how masterfully I had wiped with toilet paper.

When I first discovered a modern bidet I fell in love with its far superior cleaning ability. Being clean with water has made my days so much better. It has even reduced my need for that morning shower.

The hygienic benefits sure make a huge difference to me. Wipes never worked because I found they stung me and being health conscious I never liked the chemicals.

We looked at all the models available in China and they had many problems that needed fixing:

• no safety features to prevent rocket launch or scalding!

• poor design and complex chunky clunky controls making them scary and difficult to operate.

• cheap plastic parts and poor operational features.

• terrible packaging unsuitable for the western American market.

So we fixed all that and made a modern beautiful and very safe design.

American Bidet

Huge Prostate Benefit From Cleaning With Water

You wipe with toilet paper but the last thin film left behind is full of bacteria. Not something you need in your perineum area.

Our bidet offers not only superior cleaning but also the ability to massage the perineum area with the strong pressure flow setting by directing the water there with the tilt nozzle.

We designed the product to be safe for the whole family with crucial pressure and temperature master controllers.

The good news is that no electricity is needed to make the American Bidet work: just your water pressure.

American Bidet

Who Can Use The American Bidet?

• Anyone who can use a toilet — women and men, young and old.

• Those who enjoy maximum personal hygiene and want to feel clean and comfortable throughout the day will love it.

• Should you suffer from constipation, the firmer water spray can relax your sphincter muscles and soften things up. Works like a charm!

• Those who experience itching, diarrhea, hemorrhoids or anal fissures will find that nothing soothes like gentle water.

Men for an external prostate massage with water.

• Women before or after sexual activities, and during menstruation will enjoy being really clean.

• Pregnant women.

• Women after childbirth for postpartum cleansing.

• Women who want to prevent vaginitis, UTIs, and yeast infection.

• People with sensitive skin.

• Those who have mobility or dexterity problems and want to make their life easier.

• Primary caregivers of the elderly or infirm.

• Arthritis sufferers.

• Post colorectal surgery and other nether surgeries.

• Those with Crohn's disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

• Eco-conscious consumers.

• Those who like to save money.

I Need Your Help!

I really need your help and support to achieve our crowdfunding goal for The American Bidet. This will allow us to finish making the mold and ship the products to our buyers.

The product is wonderful and is a true evolution in wiping from leaves to paper to toilet paper to wipes and now to water which is the supreme and easy way to get completely clean.

I am sure you will love it, as I have, once you try it. It's a very welcome change to your routines.

And it saves trees, reduces water usage and chemicals from whitening the paper (Chlorine).

It will also pay for itself in no time at all by the drastic reduction in your toilet paper usage. All you need is a little to pat dry after use.

I also ask if you can send the link onwards to your friends and family. I sure would appreciate that!

Many thanks,


American Bidet

The 3D Prostate Clinic In China

The above picture links to the best prostate clinic in the world (in my opinion), the only one that can accurately diagnose your prostate problem's causes (pathogens, infections and other internal causes) and treat it with precision injected medicines with no side effects.

Check it out. It is for real.

Dr. Song at the clinic has now been treating prostate cancer successfully. I met 2 men there who were completely healed from Stage 3 cancers in 3-4 weeks. Check out their testimonials on the 3D Clinic site.

And if you haven't already seen some of my recent books, they are always timely.

Your Diet Is The Key For Prostate Health

Good Sleep Is So Essential For A Healthy Prostate

That's it for now. I hope that your prostate health is constantly improving. If you have any questions, just drop me a line.

All the best to you,


Ron Bazar
Author of Healthy Prostate and

ps. Please feel free to forward this on to any friends or family members.

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