PSA Screening Should Not Be Done
Says Panel

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So let's get to it...

U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Says No To PSA Screening

In its final report, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends against PSA screening saying the risks of side effects outweigh the very limited benefits of the test.

"After a review of the evidence about both the benefits and harms of PSA screening and treatment of localized prostate cancer, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) gave PSA screening a grade of “D” (3).

This is a recommendation against PSA-based screening for men of any age. The Task Force makes D recommendations when there is at least moderate certainty that the harms of doing the intervention equal or outweigh the benefit. Available scientific data suggesting that screening saves lives was inconsistent.

Consequently, the USPSTF determined that, even assuming that available data shows that screening saves some lives, the number of lives saved is, “at most, very small” and the proven risk for harm outweighs any potential benefit."

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... and read this article from the NY Times:.

What does this have to do with a healthy prostate?

As I have been saying on my website and in my book Healthy Prostate, avoid the PSA test and its results because it takes you down a path now shown by the Panel to be not worth the risks.

What is that path? PSA results will lead to doing an autopsy which is a harmful test that can worsen a quiet prostate cancer by spreading it.

What Should You Do For Your Prostate Instead?

My view is that avoiding the PSA screening test is only your first step.

Unfortunately the Panel does not go far enough, although this is a major big step.

They should have described what the causes of prostate cancer are and then listed the things a man should do:

1. Stop the toxic inputs from our food, water, household and body care products that impact the prostate gland and cause prostate disease.

2. Replace with organic healthy foods and products as I describe in great detail in my book.

3. Undertake cleansing programs to remove toxins from the body: fast for a day, use products designed for cleansing, do the liver flush, etc, all described in Healthy Prostate.

4. Eat foods that are especially good for the prostate.

5. Supplement with a top quality prostate remedy.

6. Reduce stress through exercise and meditation.

7. Get out to the countryside whenever you can to breathe fresh oxygenated air.

8. Do prostate exercises regularly.

9. Avoid GMO foods as the herbicide they use, Roundup, destroys testosterone, an essential hormone for men's health.

Important Prostate Tip

If you are still suffering from extreme prostate symptoms then your liver, kidneys and digestion need to be examined and strengthened.

The culprit is the ileocecal valve between the small and large intestines. Eating raw foods at the wrong time of year and locale prevents proper absorption of calcium needed to close the ileocecal valve.

When it does not close fully, many harmful releases bubble up from the acidic large intestine into the small intestine. This results in food reactions, irritable bowel and a host of problems for your prostate, including the inability to deploy hormones properly.

Dr. Matsen, an amazing world class Naturopathic doctor, has written a truly insightful book on the wide range of chronic health problems that plague modern society.

The simple message he says is this:

"All plants contain potassium; generally, the more sun they’re exposed to, the more potassium they contain. Eat a banana, which has lots of potassium, and your kidneys will think that you’re in Hawaii, and that your skin must be roasting in the sun – making vitamin D – so they stop activating vitamin D...

If you’re not actually out in the sun, you could quickly lose your calcium absorption – and within five days, your ileocecal valve could be weak enough to allow your billions of good bacteria to stampede into your small intestine, where they could become Bad Guys."

Click here to read more.

So, eating the highest quality food, if not attuned to your climate and season, can actually worsen your condition and make you more susceptible to inputs, thus worsening your condition or delaying your healing.

His solution:

Stop eating raw food for 6 days. Add high quality sea salt to your lightly cooked vegetables. Take a high quality Vitamin D and calcium supplement that he recommends: Cal Mag liquid .

and this for your liver:

SC Liver Formula .

Take the 6 day test as above and you will see the difference it makes.

Then you can start on his program of killing off the yeast overgrowth we all have in the large intestine and you will be stunned at the difference it makes to your health!

Bio-Nutritional Formulas - Latero Flora Powder - 100 gms

It is best to start with a 1/8th teaspoon every 3 days and then increase to 1/4 teaspoon. You do not want to rush the yeast kill as it may be too hard on you if too much happens too fast. So adjust accordingly and start slow.

Read more in his book which will show you much more and explain easily why what ails you is happening. The book is filled with simple cartoon diagrams that simplify complex issues so they are easy to understand.

He has seen tens of thousands of patients and has had stunning results. You may be able to have a telephone consultation with him if you ask. He is a very affordable, warm and friendly doctor.

His discourse on the dangers of amalgam fillings is world class as it is on vaccines.

I highly recommend you read this book especially if you have mercury fillings or if you are not making progress in your healing.

That's it for now. I hope that your prostate health is constantly improving. If you have any questions, just drop me a line.

All the best to you,


Ron Bazar
Author of Healthy Prostate and

ps. Please feel free to forward this on to any friends or family members.

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