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Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease

Dr. Dwight Lundell, Sign of the Times

For many years, the opinion makers in the medical establishment insisted that heart disease was the result of elevated blood cholesterol. Doctors prescribed medications to lower the blood cholesterol and a diet that severely restricted fat intake.

Dr. Lundell says, "It's not working!" Inflammation is the real cause. He goes on to outline the best foods for anti-inflammation.

"The injury and inflammation in our blood vessels is caused by the low fat diet recommended for years by mainstream medicine."

Click here to read more.

What does this have to do with a healthy prostate?

Simple, inflammation not only affects the heart but can certainly cause swelling of the prostate and combined with an excess of toxins can lead to prostate cancer.

Solution: stop the sugars and omega 6 polyunsaturated fats like the modern soy, corn and safflower oils and margarines and use saturated organic butter, ghee, and coconut oils instead.

Understanding Foods: a great quick video...

...on how to prepare many common foods that contain phytic acid, which in the case of the prostate is crucial to know how to reduce because the phytic acid robs the prostate of much needed zinc.

New Product Review: Prost-P10x

In case you missed it on my site as a recent addition, this prostate supplement, Prost-P10x, is one I can wholeheartedly endorse because of the type and quality of ingredients as well as the amount contained in the bottle.

It is not in my book as it only came to my attention recently.

Prost-P10x is the best product you can take for your prostate: I have tried dozens and dozens of them. This one stands out above them all.

Check it out here: Prost-P10x

But please remember that even the best supplement will do little if you don't do the basics first: stop the culprit inputs, cleanse and detox, upgrade your diet to the highest level you can, get sunshine or Vitamin D levels up, test all your inputs for bio-compatibility with you and your body regularly. These are the foundations for a healthy prostate.

Kefir: a wonderful fermented product like yogurt

I finally got around to making some kefir and let me tell you, it is an amazingly healthy and tasty food with many beneficial enzymes not contained in yogurt.

If you have never tried it, you can find it in the dairy section of many good natural foods stores, or best make it yourself using raw milk if you can find some.

Go here to read more about it:

Go here.

You can buy some starter there that does not require heating the milk, or what I use is this:

It comes in 2 boxes with each box containing 6 packs… each package makes a quart (litre) for a total of 12 quarts. Do try it! It is so delicious and a super healthy fermented food that is quick and easy to make.

Meat and Fat Misinformation

Have you seen the headlines now that meat and fat are the causes of prostate cancer?

They are now calling for "Fight Prostate Cancer with Meatless Monday Says Blue Cure Founder".

I will agree that meat and fat as eaten by the majority of the people are a big cause of prostate and other cancers, but it is what we have done to the meat and fats that is so deadly.

What they fail to recognize is this fact: commercial meat and fats are deadly for your prostate while grass fed are just the opposite.


1. Bio-concentration of toxins in commercial feed

2. Grain feeding (an unnatural diet) changes the ratio of healthy Omega 3 fatty acids to a huge excess of harmful Omega 6s.

3. The grains are GMO now and as such are alien to the animals and create even further damage to the meat.

So they do not blame our sicko industrial farming and animal feedlots as the real cause and blame the poor cow that lived an awful life fed the wrong foods, caged in a pen in horrid conditions as the culprit.

Eating grass fed meats and dairy is healthy. Commercial varieties will give you prostate cancer.

Then they go on to recommend soy with its harmful phytic acid and high estrogen content as the solution.

They are right about the dangers of high temperature grilling though. That is a problem no matter what kind of meat you eat. Grilling should be occasional and you should use herbs like rosemary to marinate which reduces the harmful effects. Best to do this minimally and, if you suspect prostate cancer, none at all. Slow cook your grass fed meat instead.

Stay away from GMO foods

Monsanto's Roundup herbicide found to destroy testosterone, male fertility...

I wonder if it's any good for my prostate?

Click here to read more..

How Vitamin D Can Help To Maintain Prostate Health If you are still not convinced about big Ds benefits...

Click here to read why.

The Vegetarian Myth... Book review

Talk about a breakthrough book!

The author dispels so many myths, many of which I subscribed to for decades. She fought so hard for her vegan beliefs, almost dies as a result and finally awakened to the harms her diet was causing.

I couldn't put it down it is that good and the author has such an engaging style...do check it out here:

That's it for now. I hope that your prostate health is constantly improving. If you have any questions, just drop me a line.

All the best to you,


Ron Bazar
Author of Healthy Prostate and NaturalProstate.com.

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