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Erectile dysfunction after 3D Treatment

by AVJ

Hey Ron,
You have done a great job putting together this website based on the experience you have gone through with your prostate problems. It really is a treasure trove of information for people suffering from prostate problems.

I wanted to ask you some questions regarding 3D treatment. I have been in touch with 5 patients who underwent treatment at the Changsha Clinic in the last 6 months. Many of these patients are getting erectile dysfunction after the 3D treatment. For some, the ED resolved after 2-3 months, but for the others its still continuing.

Is this a problem that you, or others getting treated at the same time as you in China, faced post the 3D injections? If yes, did it resolve itself? And in how much time? Did anyone need to go back to the clinic to seek a resolution to this problem? What did the clinic have to say about this problem?


Ron here...

Probably best to ask the clinic this question.

The 3D Clinic sees some of the worst cases of prostate problems after men have suffered through many years of other attempts or failed methods.

So complexity is often the case. This means outcomes are not always straight-forward and may need further time or treatment.

Here is some of what they say about it:

There are 3 main reasons for the erectile problem.

1. Dysfunction of endocrine hormones

2. Poor penile blood flow

3. The calcifications aren't completely discharged, and they have blocked the blood veins during their movement.

For patients with more serious calcification, the calcification blocks the ducts and it affects the blood flow during the period of discharge, which maybe cause erectile dysfunction, but this is for temporary.

For some patients, the erectile dysfunction is caused by endocrine hormone problem, like lower thyroid hormone, dysfunction of sexual hormones. Under this condition, it needs to treat hormone problems which can just improve erection. Most of our patients haven't had this problem after treatment.

In my case because of the PAE procedure I had, my blood flow has been severely restricted thus a big part of my case... Your erectile condition has a great relation with poor blood flow of the prostate. I am hoping that it will resolve after another short trip or 2 there to remove more particles by dissolving them further. I am not a normal condition because of the Prostate Artery Embolization.

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