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3D second trip

by Marc Rosenbaum
(Mancos, CO, USA)


Please relate your second trip experience and how you are doing. I am serious about heading to China this summer, and have had no luck making contact with 3D patients.

Are you improving?

Has your prostate shrunk?

Any side effects?

Please, any info you have would be greatly appreciated.

Marc Rosenbaum


Ron here...

It is a huge holiday in China now and the clinic closes till 3rd week I think in February so that is why not much response.

You can read my history here:

My 3D Medical Report and History

at the bottom is my medical report.

Because I had a PAE (prostate artery embolization) in Portugal 2 years ago I have had problems discharging particles that need to come out from the shrinking of the prostate.

That procedure which at best only helped a bit blocks some of the blood flow to the prostate which DR Song of the 3D Clinic says is needed to flush the prostate.

Knowing what I know now I would not have done the PAE. I have to go back so he can attempt to remove more of those particles from the shrinkage.

Each man is unique in his symptoms and response to treatment... and you should direct all your questions to the clinic by providing your history. Just wait till after holidays.

Also ask for other former patients to get their perspective.

Hope this helps.

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