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3D Prostate Cure a Scam??

by Luke


I see your recent update on the 3d prostate treatment in China. There seems to be a lot of talk on the Internet about Dr. Song's treatment being a scam and having bad results after the treatment. Some report even worse prostate health after treatment. How can we be sure this is not a scam?


Ron here.

I would suggest you read this page about that accusation and the clinic's response many years ago:

Clinic Response

More importantly I would read through the site very carefully so you fully understand their approach. It's an eye-opener. You will learn a lot about the real causes of prostate disease and why Dr Song's methods are such a breakthrough. If it doesn't make sense to you, then don't go.

Dr Song's 3D Prostate Clinic leads the world in prostate diagnosis and treatment.

Ask yourself this question. Why is it the only prostate clinic that exams prostate fluid under a microscope? Why don't other urologists do this most basic procedure. And why isn't this taught in medical school?

The prostate gland produces fluids. Why would your doctor not want to see what it shows? It would answer many mysteries to current urological knowledge.

Dr Song had the insight to do this prostate examination many years ago and it lead to his insights on targeted precision medicines to destroy the pathogens.

I have posted on his website under testimonials my own medical report were you can see the effects of the treatment on my infections in the prostate.

This treatment is not for everybody as it demands time and expense and a willingness to allow natural healing to take place after the treatment.

I am in that stage now of 3-6 months for the medicines of the last round to increase the discharge of residues and to continue the shrinkage of my prostate. And I can eat anything I want now, which is a huge change.

Oh once you spend time at the clinic and get to know the doctors you realize that these attacks from years ago are nonsense. The doctors are honest, very hard working and take all the time needed to diagnose and discuss your condition and treatment with you.

You can go there and see what they say without paying upfront. You pay only if you start your treatment and it is due during your first week.

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